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to the first
distillery in Leander, Texas.

Makers of TexAgave®, Leanderthal® Vodka, and Triple SECession®

The uniquely Texan products of Square Peg Distilling

TexAgave® Blue Agave Spirits

There is no such thing as a "Tequila" made in Texas.  Mexico owns that word that like France owns the word "Champagne."

But now there IS TexAgave.  This honestly Texas made alternative for your margaritas has a delicious flavor all its own.  With a pleasant tropical aroma and what's been called a "dangerously smooth finish" it is perfect for margaritas, sunrises, and more. 

Leanderthal® Vodka

Don't let the low price of our best selling Ironically Sophsticated™vodka fool you.  We don't think vodka has to BE expensive to TASTE expensive. 

The name?  Well, In 1982, right near Leander, archaeologists discovered the 10,000 year old skeleton of a prehistoric woman. She wasn't old enough to be a Neanderthal so they called her Leanne, the Leanderthal Lady.  In honor of her spirit, we named ours after her.

Triple Secession® Orange Liqueur

Texas's first 82 proof Triple Sec, this is a seriously strong  and complex orange liqueur.  It may remind you of premium French brands but without the snooty price tag. Perfect for top shelf cocktails. Perfectly  capable of standing on its own.  

Did you know alcohol labels have to be approved by the federal government?  It's true.  So now we get to say we asked the feds to approve our "Secession"...and they did!

Square Peg TV

Check this section often for our most recent video.  In addition to product information, we'll soon have a series that answers common questions, dispels alcohol myths, and pulls back the curtain on the mysterious and heavily regulated industry of alcohol production.  You'll find the whole bunch of them on our YouTube channel, too.  Social media links are at the bottom of this page.

For now, enjoy our one minute video on Triple Secession.

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